My fascination with film began Christmas 1958 when my father bought me an Admira 8mm Cine Camera. I was out the door and making my first film in the front garden even before the first signs of heavily snow-laden light were penetrating the morning horizon, and I was utterly hooked.

At the age of 16, I left school and was offered a job through the Evening Standard Classified as a messenger boy for a Wardour Street based Film Company. On my moped, I collected and delivered cans of film between clients and labs. This job was something I enjoyed, and I never looked back, until now.

I have had a fascinating career in Film, TV, and working as a Cinematographer, I have had the pleasure of working with many gifted Directors including Nic Roeg, Gillies Mackinnon, Ken Loach, Tim Burton, James Ivory, Jane Campion, Antonia Bird, and Woody Harrelson to name but a few. Working with these luminaries truly was an incredible experience, and I consider myself very fortunate to have had the privilege.

Lensing has always been my passion, and I have carried a camera wherever I have been. For me, photography has always been a visual gateway, a way of reporting and documenting what I see and how I see.

Now, I am concentrating my view on the world of stills and wrapping my eyes around the digital mind space one frame at a time.

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